Dr. Jim | Carson City, Nevada

Volunteering with K.I.D.S. has opened up the world for me

Volunteering with K.I.D.S. has opened up the world for me. After practicing for 25 years, working with this group has rekindled my enthusiasm for the profession and hope for a better world. Very few experiences have provided the range of feelings that I get from participating with K.I.D.S. The excitement of planning and traveling to the country I am going to, experiencing the culture, the cuisine, and the people are very rewarding. The joy and satisfaction I have received by performing a much needed service with like minded people is even harder to express. The silent tear shed for the child undergoing a procedure no child should have to … just adds to the emotional impact these missions have on me.

Working with the younger team members has made me forget how old I am with their energy and enthusiasm and learning from the wisdom and skill of the leaders has reminded me I have a lot to learn. Despite the hard work and often difficult conditions, I am sad to see each trip end and await with great anticipation the next mission I can participate in.

~ Dr. Jim, Carson City, Nevada

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