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"Committed to every child in the world having a smile"

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A SMILE... a curve that sets everything straight.

KIDS – Next up Cambodia!

Our next dental project to Cambodia will be in February 2015, stay tuned!

KIDS is committed to every child in the world having a smile!

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There are children in the world who will never have the dental care-in fact the basic health care that we take for granted-unless we provide it.  Most of these children have never seen a toothbrush, and none of them has seen a dentist.  Our patients are the poor; they are important members of families and villages or forgotten children of sex slavery, AIDS orphans, victims of gang violence and street accidents. We treat these children in their schools or health clinics, in local monasteries or at the dump sites where they live on others’ trash, in orphanages, in alleys. We serve children who are often malnourished. In each community we visit we help to alleviate pain and prevent future suffering; we make new friends and both learn and share stories.

A Little About Kids

The fundamental goal of Kids International Dental Services (KIDS) is to provide pro-bono dental care to impoverished children in developing countries. Other aspects of our dental projects include:

(a) providing a platform for young dental professionals to perform community service world wide, and

(b) to expose people of all ages to social service and encourage them to innovate projects to serve disadvantaged youths in the developing world.



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Sreyka Smiles Association

KIDS has been working with this remarkable organization Sreyka Smiles Association for multiple years in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Many thanks for their continuing cooperation.

COLT Cambodia

KIDS started working with COLT in 2006, in Phnom penh, Cambodia. We hope to work with them for many years to come.

Ian’s Photography

KIDS has been working with the remarkable photographer Ian in Cambodia. Ian has provided beautiful photographs, in addition to assisting with coordination and logistics. We hope to continue our work with him in the future.

Ixil Foundation

KIDS started working with Ixil Foundation in 2014, in Ixil Area, Guatemala. We hope to build a great relationship in this new community.